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Monday 23rd September 2019: Our 1st Open Competition to be judged by Tom Stenhouse.

Competition Results Table

The rolling scorecard! Throughout the year all the competitions that contribute to the Print or PDI of the year trophy receive scores that are totalled so that the highest scorer can easily be established. We have preserved your anonymity by just using Competitor Number as the identifier!

Competition results at the end of the 2018-19 season.

Retired Trophies

At our last awards presentation evening. Some new trophies were presented replacing ones that were either full (of winners' names) or damaged. As it would be a shame if the names of those recipients engraved on the trophies were to be lost. They have been photographed, annotated and they appear as a final entry in the GALLERY section of this site. Just click on GALLERY and go to the bottom.

A brief log of the meetings held so far this season will appear here as the season progresses.

16th September 2019: A night of presentations. Ade Gidney talked about uploading images into Lightroom, David Price about the variety of awards and distinctions that members might wish to pursue and finally Graham Harcombe spoke about different ways of resizing in Photoshop and then about backing-up data. The handouts from Graham's talks are available here. and here.

9th September 2019: Yours truly presented an illustrated travelogue entitled "Journey Around the Baltic 2019".

2nd September 2019: Our traditional 'Meet and Greet' at the commencement of each season. A pleasure to see several new members joining the Society.