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About our Society

We are a small, but growing, society with over 25 members.

Our programme aims to provide opportunity for anyone interested in photography to share their experience and to learn from the experiences of others – both from fellow members of the society and from the speakers we arrange during the year.

As there are no ‘rights and wrongs’ concerning the pictures (images) produced, we have lively debate about our photographic work and, most importantly, constructive criticism to help us produce better pictures.

We are affiliated to the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (PAGB) through the Northern Counties Photographic Federation (NCPF).

I hope you get a chance to look over our website, to see what we have been doing lately.

Nick Ford Chairman

New Members' Welcome Pack

If you are interested in photography, joining a club could be your next step of your journey to improve your skills and share your work with like minded people. Like most clubs, we are having to hold our meetings via Zoom. New members are always welcome. If interested please get in touch' via the website

With regard to membership fees, to date the full-year fee has been an initial £25 and a weekly subscription of £3 giving an approximate annual cost of about £65.

Due to the difficulty of collecting a weekly subscription it was decided to set a flat fee of £45 with no weekly subscription.This can be paid in two installments of £25 at the start of the season and a further £20 at a later date.

Over the full season this represents a significant cost-reduction to members.

Fee paying will be available by bank transfer for the opening weeks of the season after which access to presentations will not be available to non- payers

Copeland Photographic Society Welcome Pack 2019-2020 season

Society Officials


Derrick Young


Nick Ford


Derrick Young


Mary Thompson

Internal Competition Secretary

Mike Reid (cpscompsec@outlook.com) supported by Adrian Gidney

External Competition Secretary

Chris Wood

Programme Secretary

Chris Wood


Chris Wood

Committee Members

Sue Long, Adrian Gidney, Ian Cutts, Bruce Mumford, Janice Carrol